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All of our stickers are made with high-quality materials. You'll be pleased!

Gloss stickers
Gloss stickers

Choose this high gloss sticker for radiant shine and colour vibrancy.

Matte stickers
Matte stickers

This matte sticker is the go-to option if you're looking for a a classic finish or writable surface.

Clear stickers
Clear stickers

These clear stickers are perfect for windows, bottles, as product labels or just a unique look.

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Promote your business with premium all-purpose stickers.

High-Quality, Full Color Printing

Turn your company logo into beautiful branded stickers that are impossible to resist. Upload your own file or use our free online templates.

Choose between High Gloss UV or Uncoated finish

Printed on a durable white adhesive-backed paper that is slit for easy removal. High Gloss UV Coating is applied for enhanced color and extra protection. Uncoated stickers are perfect if you're looking for a writeable surface.

Available in unique (or custom) shapes

Our large selection of shapes and sizes allows you to fulfil all your custom sticker needs. Stickers are individually cut to size for your convenience.

Custom stickers are a fun marketing tool that can be used in a variety of ways. Many businesses and companies use personalised logo stickers to brand their product packaging such as gift bags and shipping boxes. You can also hand out stickers for your biggest fans to proudly display on their laptops, cell phones, water bottles, notebooks, and more. Stickers can also be used to track purchases on loyalty cards, hand out as gifts with purchase, or sell as merchandise.

Yes, a free sample kit can be mailed to you upon request. Our sample kit contains a variety of products so you can see and feel the different paper stocks and coatings for yourself. Click here to request a sample kit.

The durable laminates we offer provide protection against stains and damage, making this a great default choice. For a softer, vintage-inspired appearance, we recommend either our 14 pt. uncoated paper or our premium 16 pt. matte cover stock. If you would like the ability to write on your business cards, make sure to print them on uncoated paper. Finally, if you are looking for impressive, high-end business cards, choose any one of our Trifecta paper stocks. These ultra thick stocks come with either a velvety, soft touch finish or a textured canvas finish.

Make your message stick with custom stickers

Spread the news about your products and services while increasing brand awareness with personalised stickers from Just Creative! The possibilities are endless with our high-quality decals - they can be used as address labels, to seal envelopes, or to hand out with every purchase. Custom stickers are an affordable, professional-looking alternative to pre-printed product packaging.

Whether you are printing stickers for personal use or to promote your business, Just Creative can cut any size you need. We print our custom stickers on 75-100 micron Gloss Coated or Uncoated vinyl. These stickers brighten any surface, and the colours on your designs will pop from any distance because we print them in full-color on premium adhesive material.

If you're looking for label stickers to dress up your company packaging or business mailings, we have those too. Our stickers can be printed on clear or a white flexible vinyl material suitable for indoor or outdoor applications, or a textured label matte material that is perfect for wine labels and gourmet foods.

Our sticker sizes endless - with our selection, you'll be able to order stickers for a variety of creative purposes! One of the most popular sizes is our business card-sized stickers. These unique stickers measure 90mmX55mm - the same size as standard business cards in Australia. Sure, you can just hand someone your business card, or you can hand them a cool and memorable sticker. Displaying these stickers around town is also a fun way to get noticed and attract new customers!

At Just Creative Design and Print, we've made the sticker printing process incredibly easy. Just select your desired shape and upload your file. If you need a completely custom design, take advantage of our professional design services! One of our talented designers will work with you to create a branded sticker you'll love.

At, we know you're operating on a tight schedule, so we guarantee turnaround times for all sticker printing orders. Order your custom stickers today and take advantage of our low prices and fast shipping.